National press, mainstream TV and a hike in social traffic of a staggering 480% 

In today’s fast-moving property climate, many businesses and individuals opt not to sell vacant buildings in the hope new opportunities will present themselves further down the roadHowever, securing and maintaining the property from the external threat of squatters and vandalism can cause unnecessary stress for property owners and often comes at serious financial cost. 

Enter Ad Hoc Property Management.  

The Client:

The pioneers of the now implemented ‘property guardian’ model, Ad Hoc is European market leader in vacant property protection. Founded in the Netherlands in 1990, Ad Hoc brought its concept to the UK in 2006 and has never looked back. It has opened eight new offices in the UK alone over the past 12 years, taking on more than 150 new staff in the process. 

The Challenge

Ahead of the curve, Ad Hoc was one of the initial companies to offer property guardian protection services, in the UK. With little pre-existing customer base, we were tasked with opening up new UK markets and identifying potential clients. It was crucial that Ad Hoc made the right first impression and opened strong lines of communication with media outlets across the UK. 

With no UK-specific online presence, Ad Hoc required a new website and online content to successfully promote its image – a clear, and accessible online platform would optimise client experience. Implementing a strong social media strategy and confident LinkedIn Pulse presence presented further opportunities to engage with potential and existing clients. 

Concerned with retaining its core values, successful utilisation of Ad Hoc’s internal literature was required to instil its ethos throughout the new UK offices and help create a company-wide sense of unity. Outdated and lacking UK-specific content, we were briefed with redesigning Ad Hoc’s newsletter and generating new, engaging content.

The Solution

First tasked with revamping Ad Hoc’s internal newsletter, we set about completely redesigning it from the bottom up. Carefully crafting a new template for all future newsletters, we then created and edited the content, prior to its launch. Nationwide, we interviewed property guardians to forge strong links between the various UK offices. 

The finished product was highly successful and became integral to preserving Ad Hoc’s core values across new offices and has helped retain the ambition of its founders in their pursuit of protecting vacant homes. 

We then set our sights on Ad Hoc’s website. Originally linked to the parent Dutch site, the UK pages were difficult to find and slow to navigate. By designing and launching a new separate UK website we were able to increase Ad Hoc’s online traffic to more than 24,000 users per month – an increase of 480%.  

But we didn’t stop there…  

We constructed a focused social media strategy to generate the results our client expectedBy establishing easy-access communication channels for local, key potential guardians, we were able to tap into new client markets; putting important workers – including nurses and teachers – directly in front of Ad Hoc’s services. 

Utilising our wide-reaching media sources to present Ad Hoc on the national stage, we secured coverage with the BBC, which firmly positioned Ad Hoc in front of local governments and authoritiesWopened communication lines with national, regional and core-trade media; generating further coverage from the Daily 


Mirror, the Scotsman, the Professional Housebuilder & Property Management, along with radio coverage. Producing upwards of 225 Tweet in April 2016, we secured Ad Hoc 20,223 impressions, including twitter coverage from the Liverpool Echo.  

Our expertise with LinkedIn Pulse blogs also proved effective. A far too frequently neglected resource, a strong LinkedIn presence coupled with engaging content, can often prove integral to business growth. Sure enough, our new LinkedIn strategy opened up an entirely new client base for Ad Hoc – providing crucial opportunities for it to secure new property owners whilst also providing a tool to engage with existing customers. 

The Results

  • New clients through national media outlets including the BBC and the Daily Mirror 
  • A 480% increase in online traffic 
  • Year-on-year growth of social media presence; peaks of more than 16,000 tweet impressions per week, including twitter coverage from the Liverpool Echo 
  • Engagement from new online markets including teachers and nurses through a successful LinkedIn Articles strategy and social media campaigns 
  • Preservation of Ad Hoc’s vision across new offices through the creation, and re-design of inter-company media


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