Moving to the cloud could give your business the wings it needs to soar

Moving to the cloud could give your business the wings it needs to soar

It’s 7pm and dark outside. You’re struggling to type by the poor light of streetlamps filtering through the window. The phone has been ringing off the hook all day, you haven’t had a chance to eat since breakfast and you should have gone home two hours ago.

But you haven’t finished updating your spreadsheet and, then, you’ll have to update product stock on your website to avoid disappointing customers. Today was a great day, lots of orders came in but, on days like these, your admin load is just as great.

You wish that you had the time to keep building momentum for your product sales. You know you need to set up many in-person meetings to secure new business and investment, but the mountain of agonising admin holds you back and, the catch is, until you have time to sit down in those meetings, you won’t be able to afford anyone to do your admin for you.

We know small-medium-sized business owners and start-up entrepreneurs. You’re hard-working and dedicated to growing your business and your brand. You’re also time-poor, exhausted and haven’t been able to afford quite enough staff since your venture began.

You would work 24-hours a day to make your business the wildly successful venture that it has the potential to be, but having a good work-life balance is important too. Running your own business and, finally, being your own boss should feel like the awesome dream-come-true that it is, not a drowning-in-tedious-admin nightmare.

We hear you, and we have the solution. You need to stop wasting your valuable time on repetitive, mundane tasks that add no value to the business.

Change one process in 2020: ditch the spreadsheets and join the crowds of hard-working SME owners moving to the cloud.

Spreadsheets are so 2019

Now that it’s possible to work on a mobile phone from a beach in Dubai, you shouldn’t be shackled to a spreadsheet, a PC, or even an office.

Spreadsheets are difficult to edit on a tablet or mobile phone, cutting out flexibility of device and some locations. They’re time-wasters, introducing extra processes and limiting the speed at which you can turn data into action.

Industry leaders are constantly looking for ways to work smarter. This means streamlining operations, seeking out ways to save time and freeing yourself and your busy staff from monotonous, repetitive tasks so that they can get on with the kind of work that matters – engaging your clients or customers and generating new business.

We built CloudShop, our online retail management system, to help small to medium sized businesses drive sales online. CloudShop automates repetitive, monotonous tasks: it will send regular invoices on time, update your website or online shop as customers purchase products, and process all customer orders and payments online, making it possible for your customers to place orders at a time that suits them and neither you nor any of your staff need be tied up on the phone or involved in the details. Our bespoke software will take care of everything, so that you can enjoy an evening off and a nice glass of wine.

CloudShop can give your business the freedom and flexibility it needs to soar, make the change today.



By Roger Taylor

Creative Director

Montpellier Media