Our global reach

UK to worldwide markets

Over half of Montpellier’s portfolio of client work is international, either helping UK businesses to communicate in their overseas markets, or assisting non-UK clients to develop their market profile in other parts of the world. With associates and regional hubs in a growing and trusted network including Boston (USA), Dubai and Stuttgart, we are exceptionally well placed to provide on the ground support, where required. Our ability to tap into media and other contacts through local languages gives us a head start.

Need people who have proven experience in international markets? Speak to Guy

We work with Clients all around the world

Scandanavia, Dubai, Boston and Seattle USA, Dar es Salam, Stuttgart. Where next? Our PR and communications team have a wealth of experience in dealing with both the nuances and logistics of international markets

We don’t do First or Business Class air travel, but we do have a track record in world class

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