Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Cheltenham

Search Engine Optimisation is a large part of the internet today. If you have a competitor or need your website to be found by popular Search Engines, you need to have a basic understanding of what SEO is.

SEO can be described as a collective term for techniques used to promote your website to search engines like Google and Bing. There are many techniques which would take a lifetime to explain them all. Lets face it, if it was that easy to know all the techniques, then we would all be doing it!

In their most basic forms, SEO can be split into 3 distinct types:

On Site SEO

On site SEO describes a number of techniques undertaken directly on your own site. These include (but are not limited to) reducing the site load times, avoiding content that can’t be seen by search engines (such as using Flash) and keeping the underlying code clean.

Social Media SEO

Many people talk about social media as being a key task for any website. Where using social media to promote your website can be great at increasing brand awareness to ‘real people’, this can also be used to create a ‘conversation’ with the people you want as your customers. If somebody likes you, or finds you are a useful source of information, they are very likely to buy your products or services.

Off Site SEO

Off site SEO is a much wider array of techniques but can still be boiled down into smaller chunks. Typically, off site SEO would involve things like ‘link building’ or ‘guest blogs’. People talk about submitting their sites to online directories, but this can actually harm your sites Search Engine Rankings unless done properly and with the right directories.

All in all Montpellier Media is a good source for SEO techniques and processes and we have extensive experience in the SEO marketplace. So if your looking for SEO in Cheltenham, or if your based outside of Cheltenham then get in touch.